Book 5:  The Great Love / Music

Ch. 45 – Part I

Intro – Podzimni Chvalozpevy, Tomas Babacek, Piece #17

“…she needed to decide to go for it.” – Come Back to Me, Zoot Suit Riot, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies



Ch. 45 – Part II

Intro – NO MUSIC

“…no one else like him in the entire world.” – Nessun Dorma (Instrumental), Turandot, Puccini, BBC Orchestra,

“…before falling back into a brief, restless sleep.” – Carmen Without Words, Andre Kostelanetz Orchestra,  ~9 min

“Fresh tears fell out into the dark of the evening.” – Dein ist mein ganzes Herz, Franz Lehar, Andre Rieu,

End – Musetta’s Waltz, La Bohème, Puccini,


Ch. 46 – Part I

Intro – Even Now, This Moment Now, 2002

“Take all the time you need, beloved, he thought.” – Heart of the Nile, Across an Ocean of Dreams, 2002

End – Last Romance, The Immortal Kiss of the Vampire, Lee Blaske


Ch. 46 – Part II

Intro – Theme from Mr. Hulot’s Holiday (Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot),

“She looked at his face and flinched.” – something hoochy; Stripped, Black Celebration, Depeche Mode?

“…he thought with a searing sweetness.” – The Sun and the Moon and the Stars, Martin Gore, Depeche Mode

End – Somebody, Blasphemous Rumors, Depeche Mode


Ch. 47 – Part I

Intro – Tchaikovsky, Pas De Deux from the Nutcracker Ballet,

“… but the desire is there!” – Corrupt, Sounds of the Universe, Depeche Mode

“… what else to do but wait..” – Mood Indigo, In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning, Frank Sinatra

End – Come What May, Moulin Rouge Soundtrack (Mix)


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