Welcome, Beta readers!

Thank you for taking an interest in my writing and agreeing to take at least a quick look and share any thoughts or feedback with me!  I hope you enjoy this voyage to the world that I have partly lived in these past couple of years.  On the other hand, you may read a few pages and determine that this is not the kind of novel for you.  In that case, if you know of someone else who would enjoy it or someone who could help to get this work promoted, published, or purchased, let me know and I will send them a beta reader password (I want to keep track of who is accessing here).  All forms of help are appreciated!  One great help would be that, when Book One is printed, unless you thought it was entirely horrible, if you might please purchase one copy.  You can then abandon it in a mode of public transport or at an airport if you would rather, knowing that you have already helped me.   Files are available to you both for reading and for listening.  The Prologue may be good to listen to and then switch to reading if you prefer to read rather than listen.  See what works best for you.

And now, to paraphrase the Capitol Steps, “I have had to suffer for my writing … and now it’s your turn!”  :-)  Sit back, relax, and step as far into the Delicate, Passionate World as your heart inclines you to do …


In Chapters 0-6 you will read about:  a hallway collision, a fateful picture, a cathedral builder, a top salesman, a dark yoyo, a weaponized belt buckle, a street accident (the one that the book is named after), a broken wine glass, a vase-overfilled window sill, an angry nun, a misapplied sedative, beignets, a tale of religious upbringing, a prayer for a miracle, a sumptuous afternoon tea, a fan of Rhett Butler, a bag of tea biscuits, a locked liquor cabinet, abandoned crutches, a letter of remorse, and a passionate sculpture made more modest with ribbons.  Enjoy!

In Chapters 7-12 you will read about:  an unexpected death, trips to the theater, a handsome electrician, a missing antebellum plantation house, an expansive button collection, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, a lustful embrace, a tattered bible, a visit to the matinees, a necklace made by hand, a risky rendezvous on a sofa, a dinner at Galatoire's, a handsome British barman, events that took place on a darkened porch, a passionate use of informal address, cold hands, a woman who backstrokes the Volga each morning before breakfast, a kitchen full of mystery, a worried book owner, a drunken visitor, and a whispered oath of love made to one who did not hear it.  Enjoy!

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